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Established an Intelligent Enterprise Service Ecosystem

Commerce Cloud

  • Wei Mall

    Wei Mall is an integrated e-commerce solution designed for SMBs centered on the WeChat ecosystem. Available in the form of WeChat Mini Program or WeChat Official Account, our Wei Mall helps merchants build a comprehensive e-commerce sales system to capitalize on WeChat’s user traffic and increase sales efficiently. Merchants who have used our Wei Mall represent a wide array of industries including apparel, food, cosmetics, digital products, home appliances and books, among others.

  • Smart Retail

    Smart Retail is a solution designed for offline retail merchants that provides multiple functions to manage products and orders, inventories, payment, customers, marketing and data to help them integrate online and offline operations and become intelligent businesses.

  • Ke Lai Dian

    Ke Lai Dian is a comprehensive WeChat-based solution designed for merchants in local lifestyle service industries with offline brick-and-mortar stores. This solution consists of a series of functionalities such as store management, membership management, digital marketing and online reservation and booking, all of which help merchants seamlessly integrate their online customer traffic with offline services.

  • Smart Restaurant

    Smart Restaurant targets merchants in the restaurant and catering industry and integrates various functions such as online ordering, food delivery, marketing, membership and payment in the form of WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Official Account. It enables merchants to attract customers to their offline restaurants through WeChat marketing and incentivizes existing customers to bring new customers, effectively increasing the membership conversion rate and customer retention rate for our merchants.

  • Cloud Store

    A vertical solution for the food delivery industry, featuring mobile ordering, online payment, receipt issuing, physical delivery, mobile social networking marketing, sales promotion and customer membership management services.

  • Smart Hotel

    Smart Hotel is designed for merchants in the hospitality industry to build up their direct sales platform and expand their online presence by utilizing WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Official Account. It provides merchants with functions including online room booking, online hotel mall,membership management and customer data analysis to quickly attract customer traffic through WeChat and increase the merchants’ operational efficiency through a comprehensive hotel room management system.

  • Smart Beauty

    Smart Beauty provides an innovative solution through the combination of WeChat Mini Programs and WeChat Official Accounts for the beauty industry merchants including personal care, hairdressing, body care, and nail art operators. By consolidating functions such as reservation, marketing, membership, reward points system, and payments, Smart Beauty is dedicated to facilating merchants in the beauty industry to attract fans, convert customers, and encourage repeat purchases. It provides a seamless connection with the merchant’s WeChat Official Account, and supports online ordering followed by offline in-store consumption. Smart Beauty also helps merchants build their own online storefronts, expand their business, and realize Internet-based digital transformation.

  • Smart Meeting

    Smart Meeting is a one-stop digital conference solution, featuring meeting marketing, flexible sign-in methods, in-meeting big-screen presentation, interaction by games, a powerful data system and multi-dimensional statistics reports.

  • Smart Traveling

    Designed for traditional travel agencies, Smart Traveling solution helps travel agencies expand sales channels and enhance their marketing and customer acquisition capabilities in the era of mobile Internet by providing them with online functions such as WeChat marketing, online sales, order management, member management and data analysis.

Marketing Cloud

  • Wei Station

    Wei Station enables enterprises and brands to quickly and easily establish their own official WeChat Mini Program-based website. These WeChat Mini Programs are also compatible with H5 code which enables redirection to WeChat Official Accounts and traditional websites, allowing enterprises to reach potential customers through multiple channels. In addition, Wei Station’s data analytics and plug-in functionalities provide enterprises with stronger brand marketing capability.

  • Smart Marketing

    Smart Marketing is a one-stop marketing platform provided by Weimob for enterprises. Through the marketing strategy, enterprise can easily achieve the goal of omni-channel users’ data integration with a comprehensive sourcing, 360 degree customer portrait detection. By AI Tech, Smart Marketing can conduct automatic and precise remarketing to customers and continually optimizing management on customer life cycle to enhance their lifelong value.

  • Wei Form

    As a general solution providing merchants with various information collection capabilities, Wei Form is able to help merchants to conduct market research, customer feedback collection, and customer data accumulation in real time.

Sales Cloud

  • Sales Pusher

    Sales Pusher is an intelligent solution for enterprises to improve the customer acquisition capability of their sales force. When a merchant’s sales person shares his business card through WeChat Mini Program into WeChat, Sales Pusher will identify highly interested customers by calculating the likelihood of a transaction. Further, Sales Pusher enables a merchant’s sales person to communicate and follow up with potential customers online in a timely manner without these customers having to add the sales person as a contact in WeChat. This solution assists merchants in discovering business opportunities and eventually converting online traffic into sales.

Targeted Marketing

one-stop platform for precise mobile advertising

  • WeChat Official Account advertisements

    WeChat Official Account advertisement is a marketing format based on WeChat Official Account ecosystem, where marketing contents appear in articles of WeChat Official Accounts.
    WeChat Official Account marketing offers multiple marketing activities such as WeChat Official Account follow, mobile application download, coupon distribution, and brand promotion.

  • WeChat Moments advertisements

    WeChat Moments advertisement is a native advertisement format based on WeChat Official Account ecosystem. This advertisement type is displayed in WeChat Moments in four major formats, namely local promotion, native promotion, video advertising and graphics advertising.
    WeChat users can interact with advertisements by means of likes and comments, which enables the marketing contents to be broadcast through social networking. This provides an additional marketing dimension and enhances brand promotion.

  • QQ and QZone advertisements

    According to public information, QQ intelligent terminal had 683.0 million monthly active accounts and 270.8 million total peak concurrent online accounts as of December 31, 2017. Leveraging Tencent’s user behavior data and cross-terminal account system, QQ advertisements can provide advertisers with flexible and accurate audience selection. For example, marketing activities can be directed to target customers by using audience attribute labels, activity history, and behavior profile.
    According to public information, QZone had 563.3 million monthly active accounts as of December 31, 2017. QZone information flow advertisement appears in the customer’s friends newsfeed in QQ and is a native social advertisement.

  • Tencent News advertisements

    Weimob can provide clients with Tencent News advertising services. As China’s leading mobile news app, Tencent News strives to create a rich, timely news application to provide users with an efficient, high-quality reading experience.

  • Tencent Video advertisements

    Weimob can provide clients with Tencent Video advertising services. A leading online video interactive platform in China, Tencent Video is designed to provide users with a rich, smooth high-definition video entertainment experience, meeting the various needs of users a with a variety of products through its website, PC client, and mobile apps.

  • Baidu advertisements

    Baidu information flow marketing is a native advertisement displayed on the Baidu APP, Baidu portal, Baidu Tieba and Baidu mobile browser platforms.

  • Zhihu advertisements

    Zhihu advertisements are displayed on mobile Zhihu in the form of native advertisements. Zhihu advertisements can meet advertisers’ various performance requirements by providing multiple advertising formats, including image-text, video, and text link.

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