Stock code


In Sep 2019, Weimob inc. was included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect;

In Jul 2019, completed placement of 1.157 billion in new shares;

In Apr and Jul 2019, Tencent increased shareholding twice to reach 7.98%;

In Jan 2019, successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange


Lauched Wei Mall, Smart Retail, Sales Pusher, Smart Hotels and other solutions;

Completion of Series C and Series D Investments for a total amount in excess of US$280 million


Launched of Weimob Cloud platform and becoming one of the first providers to offer commerce and

marketing solutions through WeChat Mini Program


Established Meng Ju mobile ads business division and awarded as the Best Service Provider in

Regional and Industry Channels of Tencent Social Advertising


Completion of the Series B Investments for a total amount in excess of RMB143 million;

Weimob launched the SAAS vertical industry solutions


Held the first national agent conference;

Had over 800 national agents in 2014s;

Completion of the Series A Investments


Establishment of Weimob Enterprise and launch of our first SaaS product and becoming one of the

first collaborators on WeChat Official Accounts

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