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About Weimob

Weimob Inc., Hong Kong Main board listed company (stock code: 2013.HK) , was founded in April 2013 and currently has over 3,200 employees, 1,600 channel partners, and 3.0 million registered merchants.
Weimob is the leading provider of cloud-based commerce and marketing solutions and targeted marketing services on Tencent’s social networking service platforms for SMBs in China in terms of revenue in 2017.
Weimob empowers digital transformation for SMBs through decentralized, intelligent business solutions. Through our Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud offerings, Weimob has established a cloud-based ecosystem to provide comprehensive intelligent business services.
Currently, Weimob’s SaaS products include: Wei Mall, Smart Retail, Smart Restaurant, Ke Lai Dian, Smart Hotel, Smart Leisure, Smart Beauty, Sales Pusher, Wei Station, and Marketing Assistant. Weimob is helping its merchants improve operational efficiency and profitability in the new retail era through these solutions.
In the targeted marketing segment, Weimob provides one-stop marketing solutions combining technologies such as big data, intelligent algorithms, and marketing automation with premium media resources.
Meanwhile, Weimob Cloud Platform has attracted third-party developers and established a cloud ecosystem to provide more application choices and better services to merchants by sharing the technical capabilities of Weimob’s core products.
Weimob will continue to drive digital transformation for enterprises by continuously improving our products and services, making business more intelligent through technology-driven innovation

Group Mission

Enable digital transformation for enterprises and make business more intelligent through technology-driven innovation

Group Vision

Become the best partner for digital transformation of enterprises

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