Stock code

Management Concept

Caring for the growth of employees, providing a good working environment and incentive mechanism for employees, improving training system and career development channels , enabling employees to grow delightly with Weimob, full respect and trust for employees, giving them constantly guidance and encouragement to achieve the joy of success.

Outline of corporate culture

Simple Freedom Equality


Integrity, cooperation, innovation, customer first, embracing change.

Framework of talent development

Perfect development mechanism
Comprehensive performance management
Framework of cultivation
Transparent promotion mechanism
Framework of talent development

Community engagement

  • Welfare donation of clothing

  • Join the labor UNION of zhongchengzhigu Park

  • participated in blood drives

  • Activities of CPC members in Weimob

  • caring for the aged in the Baoshan Welfare institution

  • Arbor Day Planting

Cultural Activities

  • annual conference

  • Corporate management conference

  • New employee & executive tea party

  • Weimob-Club

  • Various Festival activities

  • Team-Building activities

Office environment

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